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The Smilesonic Perio tips are recommended to all those that struggle with gum hypersensitivity, reddening or bleeding. The water stream focuses on cleaning the gingival areas, preventing further development of inflammation. It is very easy to attach the tips – no one should have any issues with the process. The product is designed for the cordless Smilesonic H2O water flosser.

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Inflammation in the oral cavity can appear as a result of incorrect oral hygiene, unhealthy lifestyle (a lot of sugar consumption, smoking) or illnesses, such as diabetes. The symptoms include the reddening, bleeding or loosening of the gums, as well as bad breath. We can reduce the inflammation using the presented Smilesonic Perio tip designed for the cordless Smilesonic H2O water flosser.

Invaluable help in the struggle against inflammation

The Smilesonic Perio tip focuses the water stream on gingival areas, so those that are key in the development of inflammation. Thanks to the tip, you will be able to remove bacteria, food remains and other unwanted sediments that could result in the exacerbation of inflammation, or even in the exposure of the necks of the teeth. The presented cleaning nozzle is perfect also for the thorough removal of caries bacteria from interdental spaces.

Easy assembly

The Smilesonic Perio tip can be easily attached to the grip of the cordless Smilesonic H2O water flosser. To do this, the user has to press the tip release button, and then start sliding the tip onto the shaft until there is a “click”. To remove the nozzle from the grip, simply press the tip release button again.


  • Designed for: Smilesonic H2O
  • Purpose: To clean interdental spaces, to prevent inflammation
  • The number of tips in the set: 2

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