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Smilesonic UP is the top model in the Smilesonic family of sonic toothbrushes. The device allows the user to brush their teeth in one of three modes, as well as use one of the three ranges of motion of the cleaning head, which adds up to nine different cleaning combinations. The brush’s maximum speed is also impressive at 96,000 strokes per minute. The powerful lithium battery in the Smilesonic UP can last up to two months on a single charge, and it only takes four to six hours to recharge. The kit with the toothbrush includes six cleaning heads and a case for safe and hygienic use on the go.

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Unprecedented levels of cleaning. Versatile and effective. The answer to the needs of the most demanding.

  • Three cleaning modes. Are you interested in a classic cleaning, do you want to whiten your teeth or maybe you need a gentler cleaning?
  • Choose the program that suits your needs.
  • Easy to use. The toothbrush has a very simple control panel with just two buttons.
  • Capacious, fast-charging battery. Up to two months of cleaning in Sensitive mode yet recharges quickly.
  • Functional, solidly constructed case. No problem to take the toothbrush on the go.

Three modes of operation

  • Clean – a program for daily tooth brushing. It removes bacteria and debris from the enamel surface that can lead to the formation of caries or tartar. The brush speed is 62,000 strokes per minute.
  • White – the most intensive program for removing deposits, stains and discolorations that impair enamel color. The bristles reach a maximum speed of 96 000 strokes per minute.
  • Sensitive – for those who like a gentle, subtle cleaning and those who suffer from tooth sensitivity. The cleaning speed is 62,000 strokes per minute.

Three ranges of movements of the cleaning head

  • Low – slower bristle movement of the toothbrush, recommended for beginners and anyone who finds the cleaning head movement in a particular cleaning mode too intense.
  • Normal – the cleaning head moves at an average speed.
  • High – increased speed of the toothbrush, adjusted for the most demanding users.

Two buttons for full control

You operate the toothbrush with just two buttons: one to switch between modes and turn the brush on and off, and another to adjust the range of motion of the cleaning head.

Powerful and fast charging battery

The powerful lithium battery provides up to two months of cleaning on a single charge and charges quickly – in just 4 to 6 hours. A light tells you when you need to connect the device to the charger.

Sturdy travel case

It allows you to transport your toothbrush safely and hygienically to any location. Made of durable, solid materials, it simultaneously holds a toothbrush and two tips.

smilesonic up white z dodatkami
smilesonic up pink z dodatkami

Six tips included - four different types

  • DailyCare – basic cleaning tips with medium-hard bristles for daily removal of harmful bacteria and deposits from the enamel surface.
  • SupremeWhite – Intensive whitening tips to effectively remove stains and discoloration. They have harder fibers for maximum effectiveness in enamel brightening.
  • SensiTouch – Cleaning heads with soft bristles that work perfectly with the Sensitive mode of the Smilesonic UP toothbrush. Safe even for those with hypersensitivity.
  • OrthoClean – specially shaped tips, whose long and thin fibers are able to reach places difficult to access, effectively maneuver between particular elements of orthodontic braces.

The set includes three SupremeWhite tips, plus one each of DailyCare, SensiTouch, and OrthoClean.

Additional information


Pink, White

Number of operating modes

3 Modes (Clean, White, Sensitive) and 3 different ranges of movements of the cleaning head


96,000 pulse movements / min.

Working voltage


Rated power


Charging current

40-70 mA

Sound level

≤ 40 dB






230 x 185 x 48 mm




lithium 4V / 600mAh

First charge time

24 hours

Charging time

16 hours

Battery life on a single charge

2 months

Kit contents

6 brush heads, Inductive charger, Smilesonic UP handle, Travel case


24 months

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