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These are the standard water flosser tips for the cordless Smilesonic H2O water flosser. They help remove harmful sediments from interdental spaces, improve the state of the gums and support the struggle against bad breath. They are also characterised by easy assembly. The product is recommended for those that expect effective and safe care of areas that are difficult to reach in the oral cavity.

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The areas between teeth are where most of the bacteria accumulate, leading to caries and gum diseases. We can remove the problem by flossing after each meal, but not everyone is great at using dental floss. Besides, some simply find this activity uncomfortable. If you are also not a fan of dental floss, you should consider getting the Smilesonic H2O water flosser. The presented Smilesonic Standard cleaning nozzles emit a water stream that removes plaque and food remains even from those areas in the oral cavity that are hard to reach.

Forget about deposits between the teeth

The classic pulsating water stream generated by the presented Smilesonic Standard tip easily removes sediment lingering at teeth connection areas. Moreover, the nozzle directs water in a way that positively influences the gums and eliminates bacteria that could cause bad breath.

Easy attachment of the tip

It was very important to us to be able to easily attach and detach the tip. To attach the cleaning nozzle to the handle, all you need to do is press the tip release button. Next, slide the tip onto the shaft until you hear a “click”. The tip can be detached from the handle by pressing the tip release button again.

Designed for: Smilesonic H2O

Purpose: Codzienna pielęgnacja przestrzeni międzyzębowych

The number of tips in the set: 2

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