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The Smilesonic Ortho tips are specialised cleaning nozzles designed for those with orthodontic braces and dentures. The water stream they generate penetrates the areas around the brackets and ligatures, effectively removing bacteria and preventing the formation of caries. The tips are very easy to install. They fit the wireless Smilesonic H2O water flosser.

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People with orthodontic braces need to pay particular attention to oral care. Unfortunately, the areas around brackets and ligatures cannot be reached by toothbrush bristles, making it necessary to use specialized tools. The Smilesonic Ortho tips are the perfect choice for the Smilesonic H2O water flosser, helping with the removal of sediments from areas surrounding orthodontic braces and dentures. They are the necessary component of everyone who adjusts the position of teeth with an orthodontic device and who uses the wireless Smilesonic water flosser.

The effective care of areas surrounding orthodontic braces and implants

The fibres of Ortho tips are formed in a way to make it easier for the water stream to reach critical areas in the oral cavity. They make it possible to remove harmful sediments from interdental spaces, as well as all other individual elements of orthodontic braces and the areas around dentures.

Attach and detach the tips with ease

One of the huge advantages of the presented tips is how easy they are to install. To attach the tip to the handle of the water flosser, simply press the tip release button and then slide the nozzle into the body of the device until you hear a “click”. You can remove the tip by pressing the tip release button again.


  • Designed for: Smilesonic H2O
  • Purpose: To clean interdental spaces, areas around orthodontic braces and dentures
  • The number of tips in the set: 2

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