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Smilesonic Tongue are special, oval cleaning nozzles designed for the Smilesonic H2O cordless water flosser. Thanks to its unique shape, the tips effectively remove harmful sediments from the tongue, preventing bad breath. Your tongue will become perfectly clean and smooth after just a few days.

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The tongue fulfils many important functions in the oral cavity – we properly articulate words and easily taste and absorb food. Unfortunately, harmful bacteria very eagerly accumulate on the surface of this organ. If we don’t provide proper care for the tongue, we have issues with bad breath, but this can also lead to systemic diseases. The bacteria accumulated on the tongue eventually find their way into the rest of the human body. The Smilesonic Tongue tips for the Smilesonic H2O water flosser will help you keep the tongue properly clean and smooth.

The perfect care of the tongue

The Smilesonic Tongue tips look different than “classic” water flosser cleaning nozzles. They are oval and broad, which makes it easier for them to clean the everyday sediments from the tongue. With their help, you will forget about bad breath and other issues that can be caused by bacteria accumulating on the surface of the tongue.

Easy attachment of the tip

You will have no problems with attaching the Smilesonic Tongue tip to the Smilesonic H2O water flosser handle. To do this, simply press the tip release button and then slide the nozzle onto the shaft until you hear a “click”. The tip can be detached from the handle by pressing the tip release button again.


  • Designed for: Smilesonic H2O
  • Purpose: To clean the tongue
  • The number of tips in the set: 2

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