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Smilesonic KIDS is the only sonic toothbrush for children in the offer of the British company Smilesonic. The device is ideally suited to younger users – it has a suitably smaller cleaning head and softer bristles, while its maximum speed is 62,000 movements per minute. Two modes of work, Clean and Sensitive, allow to choose the way of cleaning to the age and individual needs of our child.

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Effectiveness and safety. Ideal for children who want to dazzle with their smile.

  • Child’s play. Literally and figuratively. All brush operations are done with just one button.
  • Two cleaning modes to choose from. The brush can work at two different speeds – so it can be used by younger and older children.
  • Long runtime without recharging. In the gentle cleaning mode, the brush can work for up to two months on a single charge.
  • Lightweight, slim and ergonomic handle. Provides children with easy and comfortable handling of the toothbrush.
  • Kid-size tips. Ideally suited to the little faces of toddlers, equipped with soft and gentle fibers.

Two cleaning modes

  • Clean – the basic washing program, dedicated to all children who want to delight their smile. It effectively removes everyday deposits, bacteria and impurities from the surface of the toddlers’ enamel. The speed of work is 62 000 movements per minute.
  • Sensitive – the program for younger children and toddlers who have never used an electric toothbrush or have sensitive teeth and gums. The brush works more gently in this program, reaching a speed of 52,000 strokes per minute.
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High performance lithium battery

The lithium battery installed in the toothbrush can work for up to two months on a single charge, which makes it much easier and more comfortable for children to use the product. The LED located on the handle informs about the need to charge the device.

Child-friendly operation

One button does it all – it is used to switch the toothbrush on and off, as well as to change the mode. Even the youngest children should have no problem operating the device.

Child-size handle

The blue and red handle of the toothbrush is light, slender and pleasant to the touch. It does not tire the hands of toddlers and allows efficient and comfortable maneuvering in the oral cavity.

Children's brush heads included

Smilesonic KIDS toothbrush tips have extremely fine bristles that guarantee effective and safe cleaning that minimizes the risk of irritation. They are very good at picking up every day dirt, bacteria and plaque from the surface of milk teeth. They are small enough to easily fit in a baby’s tiny mouth.

Smilesonic KIDS comes with two replacement brush heads.

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Number of operating modes
Working voltage


Rated power


Charging current

40-70 mA

Sound level

≤ 40 dB






230 x 185 x 48 mm



First charge time
Charging time
Battery life on a single charge
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