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Smilesonic Plaque are cleaning nozzles designed to clean dental implants and bridges. They are characterised by special bristles that are able to clean even the most difficult areas, such as those around the implants. The tips are very easy to attach and detach, which makes the use of the device friendly to all. They are designed for use with the cordless Smilesonic H2O water flosser.

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Dental implants are small titanium screws that replace the roots of teeth after implantation in the bone. These type of filling can perfectly play the role of natural teeth, but they require proper care. All because bacteria accumulate near implants, which may lead to inflammation in the oral cavity and bad breath. The Plaque tip for the Smilesonic H2O water flosser allows for the precise cleaning of areas around dental fillings and other places that are difficult to reach for toothbrush bristles.

Provide the best care for dental implants and bridges

The Smilesonic Plaque tips are characterised by special, focused bristles that provide thorough cleaning of critical areas around dental implants and bridges. The water stream from the presented nozzles prevents the formation of bad smell, as well as caries and inflammation around the fillings.

Easy use

You no longer have to “struggle” with the tip to slide it into the water flosser! It’s very easy to attach the Smilesonic Plaque tip. Simply press the tip release button and then slide the tip onto the shaft of the device until you hear a “click”. The tip can be removed by pressing the tip release button again.


  • Designed for: Smilesonic H2O
  • Purpose: To clean interdental spaces, the care of areas around dental implants and bridges
  • The number of tips in the set: 2

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