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This blog is a place where you can find a lot of valuable information on everyday oral hygiene. Among the content presented here you will encounter, among other things, interesting facts about brushing teeth and gums, the most interesting news from the world of new technologies, advice articles or tests and reviews of the most popular products. We believe that the texts published on the blog will prove helpful to many people, increasing public awareness of the importance of conscientious care for the condition of the oral cavity.

Valuable, reliable information

Smilesonic’s mission is not only to provide users with the highest quality sonic toothbrushes, but also to educate the public about oral health. That’s why we created our blog – we want to present you, our users, with only proven, reliable information on proper use of sonic toothbrushes, how to brush your teeth, oral diseases and their treatment methods, as well as how to skillfully choose products for cleaning your teeth and gums.
All of the content we provide here is consulted with dentists who work with our brand. We try to cover each topic in simple, accessible language so that we can reach as many people as possible with our knowledge.

Find interesting content easily

We try to do everything to make our blog a friendly place for everyone. Both adults and children should find something for themselves here, as our advice is often addressed to young people as well. In the interest of the blog’s functionality, we assign each of the published articles to a specific thematic category, thanks to which finding particular content becomes much easier. Currently we have six thematic categories: Interesting Facts, Technology, Advice, Tests and Reviews, Child and Teeth Whitening.
We hope you will visit our blog often and enjoy. If you have any questions, doubts, or suggestions on what texts you would like to read in the future, feel free to contact the Smilesonic editorial team by e-mail.