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SensiTouch heads are characterised by particularly sensitive, soft bristles, which are ideal for the removal of bacteria particularly in the case of persons who suffer from teeth hypersensitivity. Their non-invasive nature will also most certainly appeal to those that are just beginning their adventure with sonic devices. The SensiTouch heads are equipped with a special system that changes their colour, reflecting the degree of bristle wear. Thanks to this solution, we always know the right time to replace the old head with a new one.

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The irritating pain that occurs when brushing teeth makes you resent using a toothbrush? You can now forget about all of such unpleasant experiences! SensiTouch ensures effective cleaning without additional irritation. The head can be used with Smilesonic UP, Smilesonic EX and Smilesonic GO models.

Effective solution for cases of hypersensitivity and bacteria

The sensitive, high quality DuPont bristles applied in SensiTouch heads make it possible to clean all areas of the teeth without causing irritation. It does not matter whether our hypersensitivity is a result of enamel fractures or exposed teeth necks, the head provides full comfort when brushing, guaranteeing that we forget about unpleasant experiences. The heads effectively eliminate bacteria, sediment and all other everyday imperfections.

Bristle wear indicator

The SensiTouch head is equipped with an indicator of bristle wear. The way it works is very simple: the bristles of the cleaning head change colour depending on the degree of wear, indicating the right time for us to replace the head. The usual “lifespan” of the heads is more or less three months. However, it is imperative to replace the head whenever we observe any deformation. It is also important to replace the head after recovering from an illness, such as a cold or influenza.

It is easy to distinguish between the heads

SensiTouch heads feature special symbols (a circle or a triangle) so that we can easily distinguish between them. Thanks to this solution, one Smilesonic toothbrush can be used by multiple people.

Technical details:

  • Used with: Smilesonic UP, Smilesonic EX, Smilesonic GO

  • Designed for: the cleaning of sensitive teeth and gums; the everyday care of sensitive areas

  • Number of heads in the set: 2

The heads are designed exclusively for Smilesonic UP, Smilesonic EX and Smilesonic GO. They do not fit Smilesonic PerfectClean.

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