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SupremeWhite tips were created for those who love shiny, white smile. They have hard, densely packed bristles that allow to remove stains from enamel even better. Thanks to their use, our teeth become visibly whiter in just a few days! The bristles of SupremeWhite tips are equipped with a technology that discolors them with gradual wear, which gives the consumer a clear signal when the brush head should be replaced with a new one. The tips are dedicated to the Smilesonic GO, Smilesonic EX and Smilesonic UP toothbrushes.

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A beautiful white smile is synonymous with prestige and high social status. No wonder so many people desperately strive for it. The SupremeWhite tips for Smilesonic sonic toothbrushes are great for brightening enamel, restoring its natural whiteness. The brush heads have hard, extremely dense bristles that help get rid of stubborn stains caused by drinking coffee, tea or red wine.

Surprisingly, fast results

Do you consume a lot of staining products, and as a result your teeth have an unsightly yellowish color? Then the SupremeWhite tips are the perfect choice for you. The densely packed hard bristles combined with the whitening programs of Smilesonic sonic toothbrushes are highly effective at removing stains, and you can see the first results after just a few days. Stains caused by coffee, tea, or red wine will no longer haunt you!

Automatic shelf-life check

You should replace all electric toothbrush heads at least once every three months. It’s important to keep within this time frame because after the expiration date the cleaning head not only stops cleaning your teeth effectively but can also lead to irritation. SupremeWhite tips are equipped with filaments that automatically monitor their expiration date. With gradual use, they slowly lose their original color until they turn completely white, which means you need to buy a new tip.

Marking to prevent tip confusion

When you have two identical cleaning tips in a set, there is a risk of confusing one with the other. This is a big hassle when you’re thinking of buying tips for two people. Fortunately, the SupremeWhite cleaning heads are forethoughtfully marked with distinctive symbols (one with a circle, the other with a triangle) that make it very easy to identify each tip.


  • For models: Smilesonic GO, Smilesonic EX, Smilesonic UP
  • Purpose: Daily brushing, teeth whitening.
  • Number of heads included: 2

Tips dedicated to Smilesonic GO, Smilesonic EX and Smilesonic UP toothbrushes -not compatible with Smilesonic PerfectClean toothbrush.

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