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The DailyCare heads feature bristles with medium stiffness and are designed for the Smilesonic UP, Smilesonic EX and Smilesonic GO toothbrushes. They guarantee effective protection against bacteria that attack our oral cavity every day. The heads feature a special bristle wear indicator so that we are always aware of the right moment to replace the head with a new one.

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The DailyCare head is ideal for the everyday care of the oral cavity. It is recommended to use this head to brush teeth at least twice a day (the best option – after every meal). DailyCare is made from the highest quality materials and eliminates unwanted bacteria in a non-invasive manner for the enamel.

Bristle wear indicator

The constant monitoring of the three-month deadline to replace the cleaning head is sometimes problematic. Now this problem disappears because the DailyCare head features a special technology that changes the colour of the head with progressing wear. However, please remember to replace the head if you notice deformation or right after recovering from an illness such as a cold or influenza.

Special labelling allowing to distinguish your head from other heads

Each DailyCare head was labelled in a special way (with a square or a triangle) to avoid confusion with a different head. This solution makes it possible for multiple people to use the same Smilesonic toothbrush.

Technical details:

  • Used with: Smilesonic UP, Smilesonic EX, Smilesonic GO

  • Designed for: everyday care – standard brushing

  • Number of heads in the set: 2

The heads are designed exclusively for Smilesonic UP, Smilesonic EX and Smilesonic GO. They do not fit Smilesonic PerfectClean.

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