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Smilesonic KIDS toothbrush tips are special cleaning heads adapted to the small mouths and needs of our kids. Their small size and delicate bristles reduce the risk of irritation, guaranteeing our children safe teeth brushing.

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Only regular teeth brushing from the earliest years of life can make the future permanent teeth of our child beautiful and healthy. Unfortunately, many parents do not realize this, making the wrong assumption, that since the baby teeth will fall out anyway, they do not need to take care of them. Meanwhile, specialists confirm that problems with milk teeth directly translate into the future condition of permanent teeth. These tips for the Smilesonic KIDS sonic toothbrush will help your child take care of their oral health and prevent diseases such as tooth decay. They guarantee not only effective, but also completely safe cleaning – thanks to their small size and soft, delicate bristles, which fit children’s mouths.

The ability to freely maneuver the tip in the mouth

Young children’s mouths are much smaller than adults. So, it’s only logical that children’s sonic toothbrush heads should be appropriately smaller. Smilesonic KIDS brush heads are ideally sized to meet the needs of toddlers, allowing them to use the brush easily, safely and comfortably.

Irritation-free tooth brushing

In addition to their small size, the Smilesonic KIDS toothbrush bristle tips are also characterized by their extra-gentle, soft bristles. Even if your child doesn’t quite know how to use a toothbrush properly, the risk of irritation is reduced to a minimum.


  • For model: Smilesonic KIDS
  • Purpose: Daily brushing of children’s teeth.
  • Number of heads included: 2.

Note: These brush heads are designed exclusively for Smilesonic KIDS, GO, EX and UP toothbrushes. To ensure effective and safe brushing, brush heads should be replaced every three months and whenever the bristles are deformed.

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