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The Smilesonic H2O cordless water flosser makes it possible to clean interdental spaces using 5 different modes, including DIY (do it yourself), which transfers the control over the generated water stream to the user. The presented equipment is the first cordless water flosser on the Polish market that provides complete irrigation without the need to refill the water tank several times. The range of the generated water stream is an impressive 0,5-7,6 bar. The set also features 5 different cleaning nozzles and a USB charging cable with an adapter. The water flosser is available in four colours: black, white, blue and pink.

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Smilesonic H2O

Do it yourself

The Smilesonic H2O cordless water flosser is the perfect complement to our offer of products for oral care. The device will allow you to effectively remove sediments present in interdental spaces, which are difficult to reach. Furthermore, you will do it comfortably – after all, this is the first officially available cordless water flosser on the Polish market with a huge 300ml tank, guaranteeing uninterrupted 2 minute irrigation. The device enables you to clean difficult areas the way you want, all thanks to 5 operational modes, including a “do it yourself” mode. Smilesonic H2O can be recommended to everyone that is looking for an advanced and comfortable device offering multiple cleaning modes for the care of teeth contact areas.

Clean interdental spaces the way you want

The cordless Smilesonic H2O water flosser features five modes of operation, catering to the needs of all users.

  • Soft – the mode designed for sensitive teeth. Operational range: 1,4-3,5 bar.
  • Medium – for everyday care. The mode removes food remains and other sediments from interdental spaces with the intensity of 3,5-5,5 bar.
  • Strong – this mode uses a high-powered water stream. The device operates with the range of 4,9-7,6 bar, guaranteeing the thorough cleaning of even the most remote parts of the oral cavity.
  • Pulse – the mode that focuses the water stream mainly on gums. It massages the gingival areas with the strength of 4,9-6,9 bar improving their blood flow and their health in general.
  • DIY – this mode offers cleaning the way the user wants, with the range between 0,5-7,6 bar. Simply grab the water flosser handle and start cleaning the oral cavity with the intensity you prefer!
Smilesonic H2O
Smilesonic H2O

Five tips for every way of cleaning

Do you want to effectively remove sediments from interdental spaces, strengthen your gums, or clean the tongue? The set with Smilesonic H2O also includes 5 cleaning nozzles/tips, each for a different purpose.

  • Standard tip – the nozzle transmits a pulsating water stream that facilitates the removal of food remains from interdental spaces and massages the gums.
  • Periodontal tip – this nozzle removes the bacteria that exacerbate inflammation from the oral cavity. It enables the thorough cleaning of interdental spaces.
  • Orthodontic tip – something for those with dental braces and implants. This tip directs the water stream in a way that reaches the difficult areas surrounding fillings.
  • Plaque-removing tip – the nozzle is equipped with special bristles that provide effective care for implants and dental bridges.
  • Tongue-cleaning tip – this one features a special, oval shape that adapts the tip to the surface of the tongue. It eliminates the sediments that lead to bad breath.

A large, comfortable water tank

Smilesonic H2O features a special, large, cordless water tank with the capacity of 300 ml. This allows the device to deliver full, 2-minute-long irrigation after a single fill. You can forget about irritating refills when cleaning!

Smilesonic H2O
Smilesonic H2O

Comfortable irrigation – any place, any time

The product can be easily used both at home as when as when travelling. Thanks to its compact character, it does not take a lot of space not only on the bathroom shelf, but also in a travelling bag. Fully charge your water flosser and enjoy the comfortable irrigation of interdental spaces anywhere you want for several days.

The set includes:

  • The wireless Smilesonic H2O water flosser
  • Five different cleaning tips (1 standard tip, 1 periodontal tip, 1 orthodontic tip, 1 plaque-removing tip and 1 tongue-cleaning tip)
  • A USB charging cable with an adapter
  • User manual

The product features 24-month DOOR TO DOOR warranty.

Additional information


Black, Blue, Pink, White

Tryby pracy

5 trybów pracy (Soft, Medium, Strong, Pulse, DIY)

Pojemność zbiornika

300 ml

Zakres ciśnienia

0,5 – 7,6 bar


24 miesiące (door to door)

Rodzaj wymiennych końcówek w zestawie

5 końcówek w zestawie (standardowa, periodontologiczna, ortodontyczna, usuwająca płytkę nazębną , usuwająca płytkę nazębną)

Kompatybilność z końcówkami

Końcówki do irygatora Smilesonic

Sposób ładowania

Ładowarka indukcyjna


Irygator został wyposażony w bardzo wydajny akumulator o pojemności 1400 mAh, który zapewnia nawet do 2 tygodni pracy. Czas potrzebny na pełne naładowanie irygatora to zaledwie 4 godziny. Po pełnym naładowaniu akumulatora – dioda zmieni kolor z niebieskiego na zielony.

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