Learn more about the smilesonic GO toothbrush

Class combined with quality. Pure elegance.

High-capacity lithium battery

The device is capable of operating for as long as two months after a single charge.

Two basic heads

The cleaning heads guarantee the highest possible protection against bacteria that attack our enamel every day.

Three modes

Select the ideal brushing mode for your individual needs.

Comfortable handle

The ergonomic grip allows for easy and comfortable manoeuvring in all areas of the oral cavity.

One button for everything

Operate the device using a single button.

The smilesonic GO toothbrush is available in 2 colours.

Select your favourite:

smilesonic GO


smilesonic GO


3 modes

Clean – the everyday removal of bacteria, the reduction of the risk of caries and tartar (82000 brush movements per minute)

White – eliminating stains and colourations, efficient lightening of teeth (96000 brush movements per minute)

Sensitive – delicate cleaning, the care of hypersensitive areas (62000 brush movements per minute)

Efficient battery

The efficient lithium battery provides up to two months of power without the need for a recharge. The necessity to connect the device to the charger is indicated by a special flashing diode.

Comfortable use with a single button

The brush is operated using only a single button. This solution ensures the highest standards of functionality and comfort.

Two DailyCare heads

DailyCare is the basic head with medium bristle stiffness whose task is to remove bacteria accumulating on enamel surface. Thanks to this head, not only will we thoroughly clean the oral cavity, but we will also refresh our breath. The set includes the Smilesonic Go toothbrush and two DailyCare heads.

Three different additional heads can be purchased separately for the device – the other head types include: ShinyWhite (whitening), SensiTouch (for persons with hypersensitivities) and OrthoClean (designed for persons using orthodontic braces).

Technical information

Basic specifications

3 brushing modes (Clean, White, Sensitive)

96 000 brush movements per minute

Operating voltage: 4V

Rated power: 3W

Charging current: 40-70 mA

Volume level: ≤ 40 dB

Waterproof certificate: IPX7

Certificates: CE, FCC, ROHS, FDA


Dimensions: 230 x 185 x 48 mm

Weight: 115g


Lithium battery 4V/600mAh

Time of first charge: 24 hours

Charging time: 16 hours

Battery life: 2 months after each charge

Included in the set

The smilesonicGO handle

2 DailyCare heads

Induction charger