Learn more about the smilesonic EX toothbrush

Best quality. Reliability. No compromises.

Varied heads for every type of brushing

Designed with all types of teeth and gums in mind.

One button for full control

Choose the desired brushing program and intensity, using a single button.

Five advanced cleaning modes

Select the brushing type meeting your needs the most.

Even 2 months without charging

A hi-tech, durable lithium battery allows for up to 60 days of continuous basic brushing.

Solid protective case

Don’t worry about your toothbrush not surviving the trip.

The smilesonic EX toothbrush is available in 5 colours.

Select your favourite:

smilesonic EX


smilesonic EX


smilesonic EX


smilesonic EX


smilesonic EX


5 brushing modes

Clean – daily removal of bacteria and dental plaque (62 000 movements per minute)

Sensitive – gentle brushing, suitable for sensitive areas (62 000 movements per minute)

Gum Care – delicate massage of gums and teeth (62 000 movements per minute)

White – tooth whitening, removal of stains and discolorations (96 000 movements per minute)

Polish – tooth brightening and polishing (70 000 movements per minute)

2 months without charging

A backlit icon near the bottom of the device shows the current battery level. The handy inductive charger allows for a quick charging, while also taking up very little space in the bathroom.

Choose the desired brushing program with only one button

It takes only one touch to give you a complete control over the device. A simplicity of usage and maximum comfort guaranteed every day.

Travel case

Elegant and durable, this protective case allows you to store the toothbrush along with the two heads within it.

Four head types

The shape and bristles of each head was designed with different types of teeth and gums in mind. Thanks to the high quality indicator bristles which lose their color the more you use them, the daily brushing becomes more effective and comfortable. Smilesonic also doesn’t forget about the fact that every tooth is different from one another. Because of that, the EX model has received four different replaceable heads:

• DailyCare – basic head with medium bristles, made for daily oral hygiene

• ShinyWhite – whitening head with hard, thick bristles, allowing the user to remove all discolorations from the enamel

• SensiTouch – a delicate, soft brush head, recommended for the people with sensitive teeth and/or gums and the novices, who still need to get used to sonic brushing

• OrthoClean – its long, medium bristles allow for easy plaque removal in all hard-to-reach spaces (interdental surfaces, spaces right next to braces)

Technical information

Basic specifications

5 brushing modes (Clean, Sensitive, Gum Care, White, Polish)

96 000 brush movements per minute

Operating voltage: 4V

Rated power: 3W

Charging current: 40-70 mA

Volume level: ≤ 40 dB

Waterproof certificate: IPX7

Certificate: CE, FCC, ROHS, FDA


Dimensions: 230 x 185 x 48 mm

Weight: 115g


4V / 600mAh lithium battery

Time of first charge: 24 hours

Charging time: 16 hours

Battery life: 2 months after each charge

Included in the set

The smilesonicEX handle

4 different replaceable heads

Induction charger

Travel case