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A wonderful smile every day.

Why is it worth to have a sonic toothbrush?

Higher speed = better efficiency

Smilesonic toothbrushes provide 96 000 brush movements per minute. A standard toothbrush allows only for a maximum of 200 movements per minute.

Numerous cleaning options in one device.

Several cleaning modes to choose from, as well as a number of exchangeable heads with different properties (classic, whitening, mild, orthodontic).

Healthy teeth and gums + fresh breath

The cleaning is delicate to the gums and sensitive teeth. It prevents the formation of tartar and refresh your oral cavity.

Maximum effectiveness – minimum effort

Stop worrying about the appropriate cleaning technique – perfect cleaning of interdental spaces, back teeth and orthodontic braces.

Why is it worth to choose Smilesonic toothbrushes?

Smilesonic is a brand whose headquarters are located in London. Here we design our products in agreement with world-class dentists. We mainly focus on high quality and the properties of our devices.

Our mission is to care for the hygiene of the oral cavity of our customers and to ensure shiny and, more importantly, healthy teeth. We pursue our mission by constantly improving our products.

We would like sonic toothbrushes to be commonly available. This is why we try to offer good prices for everyone.

Our offer includes three product lines for adults and a single product line for children so that everyone can find a suitable device.

Meet the Smilesonic product lines:




GO product line:
for beginners in sonic technology




for those that value excellent design and reliability




UP product line:
for the most demanding customer




KIDS product line:
for children who wish to amaze everyone around with a white smile

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Get a more in-depth look at our Smilesonic EX sonic toothbrush

smilesonic EX

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